Loc8.com is a maintenance management system which allows field service companies scaling from small businesses to global enterprises to manage their daily operations such as managing assets and dispatching work to their technicians. Its mobility app required to support its complex Windows-based legacy application whilst providing a super-intuitive interface of a smartphone application. 

 Concepts & sketches

There were vast number of scenarios to consider when it came to usability of the app. Countless number of situations and environments  which the user may be placed at the time of its usage meant that even tiniest aspects on its interaction could not be overlooked. Iterations of sketches, physical prototype mockups were created in order to test different user types ranging from age, build, technological literacy and their proficiency in the field service industry. 


Interviewing and receiving feedback directly from existing clients helped to understand the real pain points of using the legacy application and focus on what’s really essential to their daily operations. Design updates were regularly applied in order to keep up with feature requests based on customer feedback from field research.


Loc8.com Mobility continues to grow its user base, serving hundreds of users daily across major countries worldwide including UK, US, Australia and NZ.